20" x 20" WB-18FP Particle-Hog Paint Arrestor


Price: $97.33
Product ID: WB-2020-30
Width x Length: 20" x 20" x 2.5"
Case Quantity: 30 Pads


The WB-18FP Particle-Hog utilizes state-of-the-art fiberglass/polyester design to increase filter service life when operating in a complex atomizing waterborne paint environment.

  • Blue fiberglass media (2.5" in height) spun into progressively denser layers from front to back (air entry to air exit).
  • Tightly woven white polyester media provide final air exiting layer.
  • 99.4% efficiency rating.
  • Complies with the EPA's new regulation, 40 CFR Part 63 Click Here for Test Report.

Proper airflow is a critical requirement when using waterborne paint. Airflow must not only be accelerated but also turbulent to achieve the fastest drying times. Unfortunately, this combination increases the potential for particles to ruin an otherwise perfect finish.

The fiberglass construction of the WB-18FP Particle-Hog decreases face loading and increases paint holding capacity, lengthening the time interval between changes. The blue fiberglass media is positioned in front of a tightly woven layer of white polyester media. This polyester media is positioned as the final air exiting layer to the paint arrestor to both trap and retain the smallest of paint overspray particles.

Simply put, the WB-18FP is the premier paint arrestor for a waterborne paint environment.

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