Shipping Information

At, we strive to offer our customers the lowest priced shipping alternative. This is a constant challenge. Our products are large but weigh very little. Unfortunately, shipping rates are calculated as the greater of physical weight or dimensional weight. In other words, a case of Series 65 intake filters might physically weight 15 pounds, but due to its size, that case will, from a shipper’s perspective, weight 45 pounds (the dimensional weight).

Given this situation, we have developed a range of shipping alternatives to allow you to select the lowest cost alternative. Typically, smaller orders are best shipped via UPS. Larger orders are best shipped Ground Freight. Under our Ground Freight option, you are charged a fixed price of $99.95 up to an order of $2000. For orders greater than $2500, please call for an accurate shipping quote.
Whether you choose UPS or Ground Freight, once an order is submitted, our common products are packaged and placed with the carrier, as soon as possible

Our customers look at the total cost of each and every invoice. Knowing this, we are confident that when combining our product prices and shipping rates, will deliver the industry’s best “all-in” price. Shop and compare other sources, but remember to bookmark our home page because will deliver the best bottom line price!